I am lucky to have travelled with my mum and dad.

We have been to Disneyland twice, Fiji twice, plus Canada and Australia.

In New Zealand we have travelled around both the North and South Island.

In Jan 2008, Dad and I visited my Grandmother (Dad’s Mum) in Wellington, here are some photos

There are some some pictures from our recent Fiji trip on the Fiji tab on the travel button above, with me in a hand made hat (made by a man down at the beach). Also a Fiji village, I am in the middle in the green singlet & cap.


Darth Maul in a games arcade at Courtney Place


We saw this on our way to the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie

A storm trooper in the same games arcade at Courtney Place


The old Wellington Cable Car, in the Cable Car museum. (Dad rode on this when he was not much older than me!)


Me with some cool penguins in a Lambton Quay mall

Climbing on the cannon by the Wellington Met Station

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